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the no good,awful,horrible,terrible day [Sep. 4th, 2003|08:14 pm]
[mood |overwhelmed,dissappointed,]
[music |the us open]

I hate to complain in this silly thing but I had the worst day yestderday. I did my project in ap lit and did absoultey awful, I was so embareassed. Ive never done that poorly on a presentation before. After that was over I sit down and the prom queen turns to me and says"Aww it was so cute, when you got up in ront of everyone and started talking your face got soo red!" Is that supposed to help?! So then I got to spanish and fail our first test and on my way back I walk into the wrong portable and feel like a total idiot. After that I find my ap lit teacher to tell her that isnt my calibur of work and tell her how disspaointed I'am with myslef. The freak Iam I start sobbing in the middle of the hallway and she has to like hug me and tell me its ok to calm me down. She probably thinks Iam a total freak now.
I get home and start watching the US Open, my only salvation and since the tennis is rained out there is this line where you can call in and talk to Johnny Mac. I try for 2 hours and then the close the phone lines. I had a chance to talk to my number one,my idol, my role model and I missed it. This year is not looking so bright I gotta wear shades.