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you've been gone [Aug. 17th, 2003|10:16 pm]
[mood |sadsad]
[music |uncle tupelo]

'Cause I've been in a deep rut, and it's been killing me
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what the fuck was I doing in nature? [Aug. 13th, 2003|01:16 pm]
[mood |goodgood]
[music |the lemonheads]

Last weekend was the dreaded family reunion, it wasnt nearly as bad as I had anticapiated. I got to see my cousions for the first time in six years which is awesome becuase they rule. One cousion,Kelly, or bitch from hell as I like to refer to her was being sooo nice to me it was kinda creepy. She invited me to come up and stay with her for a weekend becuase the school she goes to is right next to the one I'am considering and she offered to show me around. I might actually take her up on that. Although I hate all this family bullshit, the look on my grandmothers face was priceless. She was just so elated that everyone was bac together again and under one roof, it was amazing. We went tot his fancy schmancy restaurnt and I had a couple free cocktails which was awesome. After that we all went home and becuase everyone had a digital camera they project all the pictures from that evening on the T.V. and had a "slideshow". They had all these pictures of everyone looking like a bunch of assholes like capturing them mid talk or cough or something like that. I was the only one who didnt have any pictures like that, in all the picutes they have of me I'am just crossing my arms and listening or have my eyes closed and my head down. Which captured pretty much how I felt.
After that my cousions from cakifornia came over and we ate a shit load of crabs and berger cookies and reminised it was really neat. I wish I could see them more often,it sucks.
Yesterday they suckered me into going to Cunningham falls and anyone who knows me knows I'am not down with that one with nature bullshit. We got there and had alittle pinic which was nice and then we decided to go up to the falls. We had to do this fucking long hike through the god damn woods climbing up and down shit. I was too far behind the people in front to know where they were going and too far ahead of the people in back of me to wait for them so I had to find my own way. I got to the falls and then we find out there wasd gravel path that we could've taken instead. I was pissed as shit. WE said our goodbyes and they went on their way.
In addition to the thousands od bug bites I already had on my one leg I have more and now posion ivy on that leg, its pretty henious.
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I dont know what you heard about me [Aug. 6th, 2003|03:55 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |jay z-live and unplugged]

Boy I have not felt this shitty in so long. My face is puffy and swollen, my throat hurts, and my whole body aches. I usually get sick around this time ever year. I woke up at 3 p.m.!
In other news: I dont what to do with my AP lit project
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oh, thats jack [Aug. 3rd, 2003|03:56 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

I've got ho's in diffrent area codes
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I would make you laugh [Jul. 29th, 2003|02:00 pm]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Nick's tape..... which RULES!]

Today I saw my 5th grade teacher who was a total asshole then and is still pretty much a weins head. He is a true waste of space. Im dreading going back to school, I would do anything not to go. I cant bleive I'am gonna be a senior, thats just wild to me. It seems like yesterday I was peeing my pants about being a freshman and having to find my way around that huge school. What new people I was going to meet and how it was going to be different. Time sure does fly
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Beyonce vs. Ashanti [Jul. 25th, 2003|10:03 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Coldplay]

uh-uh-uh-oh, that song is the worst shit I have ever heard in my whole life. Man fuck Good Charoltte, MTV sucks. That new Coldplay video is really weird and creepy I think. Speaking of which, the leader singer wont play the song "Green Eyes" in concert anymore becuase it isnt about Gwenyth. I wanna see that movie Swimming Pool but its only playing at Muvico and the Charles. Anyone wanna take me there to see it? haha
this was really stupid but you still read it, loser
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d to the i to the a to the m, o to the n to the d to the pearls of love [Jul. 23rd, 2003|05:56 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |prince]

I think I blinked in most of my senior pictures
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it beats pickin' cotton and waitin to be forgten [Jul. 22nd, 2003|04:54 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |The Replacments-all shook down]

Today I came home from a highly succesfull day of "shopping" to an almost empty house. My mom was in her room asleep so i practically was alone. I walked into my living room and I dont know how it got there but, sitting in front of my T.V. was a super nintendo. Needless to say I immediatly started into All Star Mario. It took me back to the days in 8th grade when I was obbsessed with the orignal Mario. I would be taking tests and I all I would be thinking about was how to beat the next level or what I did wrong the last time I played. I was so addicited I would even play it before I went to to school in the morning. I played it from 5 until now when my brother kicked me off.
Tomorrow I have senior pictures, that should be funny. Im the most unphotogenic person in the world.
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eeeekkkkk [Jul. 18th, 2003|01:28 pm]
Barbie Got Back
Barbie Got Back! Go you! You're the closest thing
ever to a true black Barbie. Shake that fat
ass of yours.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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my own private idaho [Jul. 18th, 2003|06:50 am]
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[music |oh shit new X-Tina and Lil Kim joint]

My trip was good. London was fucking amazing, I accomplished everything I set out to do there, so I left there feeling very fufilled and hung over.
Ireland was a lot less of party which was cool, I hung out with my family for most of the trip. I punched my fist threw a hotel wall which was cool. It was kinda of endearing that most of ireland is just like small little towns, with like one grocery store and everybody knows your name kinda stuff but, for some reason it made me pretty nervous.
But all in all Im glad to be back in the states. I would defintley move to the London in the future. Maybe a semester abroad when I go to college. And then find a job there, who knows
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